High Demand on Tickets!

10:00 sale starts
10:03 SOLD OUT – i get some 4 prince friends of mine 
Demand of over than 100’ooo Tickets! 3t has been offered!

the crazyness has already begun! f….. ticket scalpers!!!!
the Prices rised up (few hrs. l8) up 2 +600 Swiss Francs!!!!!
this is not right! and should b 4bidden!


Special Surprise 4 my visitors! a free Gift 4 U 😉
Snippet (Appetizer) of some Live Bootlegs – shared
4 a short time 2 get a glimpse of what’s coming on!
Listen 2 it and have fun/k! any question?

leave a comment, i’ll get back 2 u soon!

Keep the fonk alive!!!!! Groove ya!


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