Aftershow of my Life!!!

Just awesome, brilliant, off the hook! no words 2 describe this GIG!

The NPG just keeps on bringin’ it! of the Black Eyed Peas dropped some rhyme in2 the Musicology jam 4 xtra flavor. We also heard “? Of U” and “The One” with bits of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” mixed in.

Later on Prince laid down “The Rules” at the tip of the stage, giving us his humorous take on ground rules 4 relationships. We never know what he might say but it always gets the crowd roaring.

We were treated 2 2 piano sets last nite as well — the first, mostly ballads and the next as an “encore 2 the encore,” which he filled with all the funky sampled jams like When Doves Cry and Eye Wanna B Ur Lover.

The concertgoers always know how 2 keep the party moving 2 — the “wave” last night went on 4 days, circling thru the arena countless times b4 the show. We heard fans at a recent Stones concert weren’t nearly as enthusiastic. NPG fans know what time it is!


Once again, full of fun, funked out surprises! The party began with “Let’s Go” and chugged thru “Honky Tonk Women,” “When U Were Mine,” “What U Need” and even “Partyman.” A favorite of the night was “Thankufalletinme…” played as a slow bass stomp thru the Motherland. Prince took it deep with a spoken portion about slavery, chains and deception.

Shelby J. tore things UP last nite 2… at one point we lost track of her as she sang, only 2 spot her right down in front IN THE CROWD belting out a tune like nobody’s business! Shelby, u are brave!!! guested on a couple numbers as well, closing out the nite with a “Get On Up” chant atop the band’s “Get on the Boat.” One thing about aftershows: u never know what u’re gonna get, but it’s always better than a box of chocolates!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy beiing a witness of this 90 Minutes pure Funk’n’Rock Show!!!


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