London Experience!

Main show was the best I’ve seen yet this year (seen Montreux Show and 02 Show on Friday Nite)
It was so much better than the previous night. Started off right (1999, Take me with U, Guitar), and had some special goodies: The ? of U! (guitar intro only though), with The One/Fallin‘. Amazing. Also, Strange Relationship during the piano set! Plus, he sang The Rules, toilet seat verse and all, during Satisfied I believe. Hilarious.

Main show seemed over after the synch set at 11.00pm sharp, but Prince and the entire band returned to play Let’s Go Crazy!

The aftershow was THE BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Yes it was that good. And over 90 minutes long.

Dead tired now and can’t remember much, but the setlist included The One U Wanna C, Honky Tonk Woman, lots of Sly – Thank You (incredible version incl lyrics to Shadows & Chains), It’s Alright, Sing A Simple Song – Gotta Broken Heart Again (oh my GOD what a voice), lots of Shelby covers (eg Love is a Losing Game, What You Need)… man there’s just too much. Alphabet St. When U Were Mine. Get on The Boat. And lots of more!

I thought Prince had reached his guitar peak. I was wrong. He is a guitar GOD and he keeps getting better. Some of his solos tonight literally took my breath away (okay, the fact that everybody around me was sweating like crazy did its part too).



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